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©2018 by Pillar Church

The Strategy

Gospel Proclamation

We believe in the power of the gospel to save souls, transform lives, restore relationships, redeem communities, and guarantee justice.  We believe that the entire Bible points to Jesus and that the gospel message (life, death, resurrection of Jesus on our behalf) is the Bible’s central theme. We endeavor to proclaim the gospel in word and deed faithfully and, as we seek to act with wisdom and discernment, ultimately rely upon the power of the gospel and the working of the Holy Spirit to accomplish God’s purposes. 

Biblical Formation

We love God’s word and desire to be shaped by it. We are intentional about learning the whole counsel of God and exploring issues that are pressing to our community from a biblical worldview. Issues of race, economics, family, etc... are all within the framework of scripture and we will neglect none of them. The word of God will inform our hearts and minds through prayer, expository preaching, group gatherings and personal study. As the word transforms us more into the image of Jesus, we will grow in compassion and action for the salvation of our neighbors.

Community Engagement

If we are to experience restoration in our community, our faith has to be bigger than Sunday. Jesus tells his disciples to “Go,” and that's exactly what we intend to do. Since community programs already exist in our neighborhood in various forms, we will "Go" and support the groups that are already championing service in east Fort Worth by coming alongside them, supplying manpower, prayer and most importantly, Gospel. We believe that it is good and godly to serve our community, but we also know that the greatest good comes from God's gospel of grace. Therefore we will major in sharing the good news of Jesus with people where they live and play.

Why Pillar?

A pillar is a symbol of strength, courage, and resilience. Often, pillars are the last semblance of civilization after storms, wars and natural disasters, and that is precisely where we find ourselves today. Amidst the storms of life and the conflicts that rage between darkness and light, there is now, more than ever, the need for strength, courage, and resilience. Pillar church is to be an enduring presence that not only esteems the truth of God but lives out that reality with our neighbors and community. A presence that stands the tests of time and the storms of culture. And just like these physical symbols of strength, Pillar church will be a pillar of hope and a symbol of the unified people of God, that aggressively pushes back the spiritual brokenness of our people with prayer, word and action, pointing people to Jesus Christ, our only real hope in this life and the life to come. Hope that goes beyond socioeconomic stimulation and familial solidarity. Jesus offers grace, mercy, peace, fulfillment, inexplicable joy, purpose, sacrificial unmerited love, freedom from the bondage of sin and salvation from God’s wrath. His offer is free and is for your community and mine. The question is, do our people know about this Jesus? Do they realize that they are in need of a savior? Do they realize that their perpetuation of evil and hopelessness will only lead to more of it? Who will tell them? Who will lead them to an enduring hope? We will. We are an honest, transparent people who confess the filth of our lives and comes “as we are” to a Savior who changes us from the inside out. A people who call out lies and replaces them with God’s truth. A people that leave a legacy that our sons and daughters can not only be proud of but be a part of. And A people who make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Why Pillar church? Because Jesus is bigger than Sunday morning.